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How many airports are there in Frankfurt?

There are 2 airports in Frankfurt: Frankfurt International Airport and Frankfurt-Hahn.

What airports are located near Frankfurt?

There are 20 airports located near Frankfurt. The closest are: Düsseldorf International Airport, Stuttgart Echterdingen, Cologne/bonn, Dortmund, Entzheim, Findel, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Paderborn/lippstadt, Ensheim, Kassel-Calden, Mannheim Airport, Ramstein, Zweibruecken Airport, Siegerland Airport, Heidelberg, Kitzingen, Giebelstadt, Burg Feuerstein, Eisenach, and Illis Airbase.


What is the time zone in Frankfurt?

There may be a time zone difference between your location and Frankfurt. Frankfurt's time zone is GMT +01:00. Current time in Frankfurt is 09:26pm.


What to wear when flying to Frankfurt - what's the average monthly temperature in Frankfurt?

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp., °C -5..0 -4..2 0..8 4..14 8..19 12..22 14..24 13..23 10..19 6..13 2..7 -2..2
Rainfall, mm 34 28 28 35 58 57 57 57 42 39 43 42

Weather information taken from Foreca


What is the population of Frankfurt?

The total population of Frankfurt is 51700 people.

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Frankfurt city guide

Brief History

Frankfurt (literally meaning “fort of the Franks”) was founded sometime around 750 AD, as part of the Frankish kingdom. Situated on the banks of the river Main, it was originally the site of a Roman fortress much older than the city itself. It has been one of the most important cities in what is now called Germany for over a thousand years, and today it is one of the busiest cities in Europe.


Frankfurt International Airport is one of the busiest in all of Europe. Because the city is a major center of business in the Eurozone, direct flights to Frankfurt are extremely common. It is only a few miles from the city center, so getting from the airport into town is easy by bus, taxi, or commuter train (S-Bahn). It takes only a few minutes.

Frankfurt is an extremely modern city with a clean and efficient public transportation system, and this is the best way to get around once you are there. Buses, trams, and Underground serve most major areas of the city, and are generally very reliable. (The exception is the S-Bahn, or commuter train, which serves areas outside the city, including the airport, and often has delays of thirty minutes or more – if you plan to take the S-Bahn to catch a flight, be sure to leave extra time.)

Popular Attractions

  • If you’re interested in German history and culture, head straight for Römer Square. The Square is a large public space with numerous shops and restaurants in well-maintained buildings from as early as the 14th century. It is also the location of several of Frankfurt’s museums and historical buildings such as churches and the Römer, Frankfurt’s town hall.
  • The Main Tower, the only skyscraper in the city that is open to the public, has an observation deck that affords an incredible view of Frankfurt and the surrounding area.
  • The European Central Bank, which is responsible for economic policy in Europe, is in Frankfurt. It is a large building, easily recognizable by the large € statue in front of the building.
  • The many bridges over the Main river are worth seeing, especially as you walk from Römer to other areas of the city. Many of the bridges are very picturesque, as well, so shutter-happy visitors will have a lot of photos to snap.


German food, especially in the southern regions where Frankfurt is located, is very distinctive. It is largely dominated by various forms of sausage, served with bread, cheese, and other foods. While in Frankfurt, try to sample at least 3 or 4 different kinds, since they are all very different. Of course, Frankfurt is the home of the Frankfurter, or hot dog, which is known all over the world, especially in America.

Tips for Travelers

  • Frankfurt has a fairly large red-light district near the center of town. If you are traveling with children, you may want to avoid this area. Try not to mention it to locals, many of whom are ashamed of its presence and do not wish to discuss it.