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How many airports are there in Hong Kong?

There is 1 airport in Hong Kong: Hong Kong International.

What airports are located near Hong Kong?

There are 20 airports located near Hong Kong. The closest are: Guangzhou Baiyun International, Macau International, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Haikou, Guilin, Shantou, Shang-Yi, Zhuhai Airport, Zhanjiang, Ganzhou, Meixian, Fuoshan, Changzhoudao, Xingning, Liancheng, Dongguan, Shaoguan, Huizhou, and Mansion House.


What is the time zone in Hong Kong?

There may be a time zone difference between your location and Hong Kong. Hong Kong's time zone is GMT +08:00. Current time in Hong Kong is 06:11pm.


What to wear when flying to Hong Kong - what's the average monthly temperature in Hong Kong?

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp., °C 13..19 13..19 16..21 20..25 24..29 25..30 26..31 26..31 25..30 23..28 19..24 15..20
Rainfall, mm 25 46 72 160 294 360 321 374 250 129 34 28

Weather information taken from Foreca


What is the population of Hong Kong?

The total population of Hong Kong is 7010000 people.

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Hong Kong city guide

Brief History

The region surrounding Hong Kong has been continuously inhabited for untold thousands of years. This ancient city was an important center of trade in the Pacific during the colonial era, and was taken as a British colony in 1842. Just recently, in 1997, Hong Kong was handed over from British sovereignty and became part of the People’s Republic of China, although it has retained considerable independence from the PRC.


Hong Kong International Airport, which opened in 1998, has been consistently rated as one of the best airports in the world. It is large, clean, efficient, and welcoming for foreigners. Because Hong Kong is such an important center of business, the airport sees countless flights to Hong Kong come in every day, carrying everyone from tourists to top business executives and foreign leaders. An Airport Express train carries passengers from the airport to the city center, and it is very fast and reliable. There are also taxis (rather expensive) and buses (slow, but with a good view of rural Hong Kong on the way in), but these are not used as often as the Airport Express.

Hong Kong has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, trams, ferries, and trains, that covers most of the city. An “Octopus Card,” available from numerous locations around the city, gives access to all public transit, and is also accepted as a debit card by many retailers and restaurants around the city. These are a great option if you are in the city for more than a few days, but are too expensive for short stays. Almost no one rents a car when they go to Hong Kong. The city is far too crowded and traffic is too frustrating (and confusing for foreigners). Renting bicycles, however, is very popular, and there are many areas of Hong Kong where it is easy enough to get around by walking.

Popular Attractions

  • Hong Kong is dominated by Victoria Peak, a large mountain near the city. There is a large tower on top of the mountain, which offers breathtaking views of Hong Kong and the ocean.
  • Don’t forget to get outside the city once in a while! Most people do not realize that the island of Hong Kong has a lot more to it than just the city – there are also many beautiful mountains and parks, so getting out into nature is not as hard as you might think.
  • Ocean Park, a massive theme park, offers everything from exotic rides to a large aquarium. It’s a great option for families traveling with children.


Hong Kong has a staggering variety of food from all over China. Noodle dishes, fresh seafood, dim sum and other traditional Cantonese dishes – everything is available in Hong Kong. Shop around and eat at a different restaurant each night, and you will probably have a distinct and enjoyable experience at each one.

Tips for Travelers

  • There is some ambiguity—historical, political, and cultural—regarding whether or not Hong Kong is actually part of China. Technically, it is considered a Special Administrative Region within the People’s Republic of China. That means that many aspects of its government and economy are independent from China, but it is still considered “Chinese territory.”
  • Flights to Hong Kong depart year round, but most tourists avoid the summer months, which are very hot and humid.