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5 Best Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies

destinations for adrenaline junkiesIf you want more from your travels than just lazing around on the beach or strolling through pretty cities, these top destinations for adrenaline junkies are just the ticket. From skydiving heavens to cycling the world’s most dangerous roads, there’s never a dull moment in these regions!


1. Bolivia

Bolivia is an ideal destination for anyone who likes to explore the world on two wheels in a dangerous manner. Aptly named the Death Road, the country’s most famous biking route is not for the faint of heart – it has been known to claim lives but travelers come here in droves each year to tackle it regardless.

With a mix of jungle, sprawling cities, desert, and salt flats, traveling to Bolivia is suggested for any adrenaline junkie but the Death Road is a particular highlight.


2. New Zealand

Known for being one of the most visually breath-taking countries on earth, New Zealand is a top choice for anyone who loves to be out in the big beautiful world. And what better way to take in the magnificent scenery than from above?

New Zealand is one of the best skydiving destinations on the planet, with companies little across both the south and north islands just waiting to get you strapped in and thrown out of a plane. If in doubt, head to Queenstown, where you can drink in sweeping views of the lake from the sky (after you’ve stopped screaming, of course).


3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s dense and plentiful jungles create a playground for explorers to get lost in. One of the most daring activities here is to zipline above the jungle canopy, an experience that allows you to see this gorgeous environment from a different perspective. Many of these take you 100 feet off the floor of the jungle – an adventure you’re not likely to forget!

If you’d rather take it slow instead of fly through the clouds, there are also lots of hanging bridges in the jugnles of Costa Rica, where you can take your time and spot wildlife. Tours run across the country with experienced guides who will tell you everything you need to know about this wild country.


destinations for adrenaline junkies


4. South Africa

You might associate South Africa with wine or safaris, but there’s something here for those who like a slightly faster pace. The widely-snapped view from Table Mountain across Cape Town and to the ocean beyond is frequently discovered by hikers, but paragliding offers an even better way to take in this hallowed panorama.

While you can’t paraglide off Table Mountain itself, you can take off from nearby precipices for jaw-dropping sights over the city and the coastline below. A couple of companies run paragliding trips in the area, so you’ll easily be able to find a guide.


5. Australia

There’s plenty in Australia that can kill you, even in its most urban corners. However, the toothed beasts that lie in its waters are among the most terrifying. If you feel like coming eye-to-eye with these fascinating creatures, fly to Adelaide and go cage diving off the shores of South Australia. It’s one thing seeing sharks from the safety of a boat, but it’s another to be able to come right up close to them!