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5 Cool Accommodations for Adventurous Travelers


If you find the right option for you, accommodation can often be one of the most exciting parts of a trip. These cool accommodations for adventurous travelers offer something unusual for those seeking out a wild place to stay.


Traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia, yurts are large tents made from wooden lattice structures covered in fabric. A few years ago, the world started to catch onto the unique qualities of these beautiful structures, and now yurt glamping sites are dotted across the UK, USA, and Europe.

Yurts are often decked out with wood-burning stoves and big beds with thick, cosy spreads – a truly luxurious way to camp. Many have see-through circles in their ceilings, so you can watch clouds sweep over the sky from the comfort of your duvet!


Camping pod

Like having a sturdy tent instead of flimsy fabric, a camping pods are one of the latest crazes for outdoor trips. They look like upside-down arks and are expertly put together with wooden slats to create a rustic hideaway.

Pods come either decked out with furniture and a bathroom or completely empty, so that they can accommodate for different levels of comfort and budget.


Wild camping

Wild camping is otherwise known as pitching a tent in unconventional places. Wanderers across the world spend their days finding beaches, forests, and hilltops to sleep on, inspired by all the untouched corners of the globe. Wild camping also has the added benefit of being completely free, making it ideal for budget travelers.

Follow the golden rule when wild camping: leave no trace. Take away all rubbish and depart early so as not to disturb the environment and locals around you. Take some friends for an even more fun experience!



It’s every kid’s dream to stay in a treehouse. Thousands of campsites across the globe have carried that dream into adulthood and built treehouses to rent out for accommodation – a magical way to stay somewhere new.

It could just be a rickety cabin in the clouds or a sleek, design-focused masterpiece; treehouses come in all shapes and sizes, with many different kinds of facilities.



Airsteams have been the iconic pictures of nomadic life across the USA for decades, and although the originals are now a little rough around the edges, their charm never gets old. We recommend travelling the to States for a stay in one of these timeless beauties, but many have been exported around the world and you can find them in all sorts of places.


What would you add to this list of cool accommodations?