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5 Genius Travel WiFi Hacks

travel wifiIn this modern world, we want to stay connected on the road more than ever. Sometimes, finding an internet connection abroad is a total nightmare, especially if you’re in the back and beyond. These travel wifi hacks will help.


1. Do the sneaky steal

The beauty of wifi is that it pays no mind to doorways or walls, which means it’s easy to be cheeky and steal a free wifi connection. Find a café chain that you know provides free wifi access and casually stand outside to quickly connect while you look up directions or a check your messages. No one will know (or care) what you’re up to, because it’s quite normal to see people hanging around on their phones nowadays.


2. Download maps ahead of time

The latest version of Google Maps allows you to access a lot of areas offline, as long as you plan ahead and download the location before you duck out of a wifi zone. There are also a bunch of other travel apps you can download that offer offline map access.

However, there’s no need to panic if you forget to do so – the GPS on your phone or tablet will still work outside of an internet connection, which means that little blue dot will show up on Google Maps regardless, provided that you have a relatively good signal. There’s no need to ever be lost again!


3. Use the ?.jpg trick

If you’re at an airport or on a train that has wifi but requires you to pay for it (why do people do that?!), there are some sneaky ways around the firewall that can work. Try adding the suffix ‘?.jpg’ (without commas) to the end of a URL – sometimes this gets around the pay system and allows you to surf for free. Sometimes.

travel wifi


4. Search Foursquare for passwords

Outside a café or bar with wifi but don’t know the password? Take a look at Foursquare as many people using this app will leave wifi passwords in the comments section for that particular establishment. Sharing is caring, after all!


5. Turn your clock back

For locations that offer wifi for a restricted amount of time – such as airports – try turning the clock back on your device for extra quality time with your wifi. Again, this isn’t one that works around every system, but it’s worth a shot and is one of the simplest way to extend your precious wifi allowance.


What are your best travel wifi hacks?