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5 Tips for Beating Jet-Lag

beating jet-lag

Jet-lag is a traveler’s enemy, especially if you have no time to adjust and need to jump right back into everyday life on a new time zone. Follow these tips for beating jet-lag to kick it to the curb as quickly as possible.


1. Adjust ahead of time

In the days running up to your trip, consider altering your schedule to start matching the new time zone you’ll be traveling into. Get yourself ahead of the game by going to bed or waking up an hour closer to the time you need it to be on once you’ve arrived in your destination.

Changing your sleeping patterns even ever so slightly like this will prepare your body far more effectively than if you were to jump straight into it.


2. Align your eating patterns

Getting your stomach matching up with the time zone you’re travelling to is a kay element for beating jet-lag. This is a way of kick-starting your body into a new schedule, because it’ll figure out when you should be sleeping based on when you’re giving it fuel.

Even though you may be ravenous, try to hold off your big meals until a suitable time in your destination’s schedule. You’ll be surprised how well this technique works!


3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

This applies to the time before, during, and after traveling. Caffeine and alcohol trick your body into staying awake or going to sleep when it doesn’t want to, so avoiding these two will help your body adjust more naturally and effectively.

That first morning getting up on a new schedule when you’re struggling with jet-lag is always tough, so have a coffee if you must but don’t over-do it.


beating jet-lag


4. Drink plenty of water

Water is a must for beating jet-lag. If you find yourself craving a cup o’ joe or want to celebrate your holidays with a cheeky beer or glass of wine at the airport, try substituting it with water instead.

Hydration is essential for everyday life, but even more so if you’re trying to get your body adjusted to a new time zone. You need to be in tip-top shape to get jet-lag over and done with as quickly as possible.


5. Set your watch to the new time zone

Mind over matter, as they say. Before departure (or even before you get to the airport), set your watch or clock on your phone to the local time in your destination. This will start getting your brain used to the new time zone, and it’ll be the easiest way to adjust your sleeping or eating patterns ahead of time.


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