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5 Top Tips for Successful Travel with Friends

travel with friendsTravelling with other people can be difficult. Sometimes travel puts strains on friendships that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter in normal life, and unexpected things can come out the woodwork. That said, travelling with your best bud or someone you love and sharing travel with them is a truly special experience. Here’s how to successfully travel with friends and leave any drama at home.


1. Be understanding

The key to travel with friends is knowing that you’re going to have differences of opinion because you’re all unique people. There will be times on your trip that you’ll want to do different things or get up and about at different times, and don’t let these phase you.

It’s important to appreciate your differences and work with them. Don’t get mad at your friends because they want different things – have the wisdom to know this is inevitable.


2. Plan together

Don’t expect one person to do all the travel planning themselves, and don’t take it on solely by yourself. It’s important to share all the responsibilities of travel together so that no one has all the work piled on them and feels burdened.¬†From booking your flights to travel insurance, planning an itinerary, visa organisation and more, share the load across everyone involved to make it all easier.

travel with friends


3. Compromise

Just like any functioning relationship, compromise is king. Once you’ve recognised your differences, try to compromise on a middle ground between them so everyone’s happy. If you’re interested in seeing different sights or attractions, it’s okay to go off an do your own thing sometimes. In fact, it’s pretty healthy considering how much time you spend with one person while you’re traveling together – a break sometimes is highly recommended!


4. Split the bill 50/50

Money is something that can drive a wedge between people, and this applies especially to travel. Make sure you keep track of what you’re each spending and if one person pays for something try to settle the tab as soon as possible. No one likes to talk about money with their friends, but when you’re traveling together it’s necessary.

Talk about money before you set off on your trip so you know what to expect when you’re away and know how much the other person has in mind for a budget. Try to pay for things separately when you can so you’re even as much as possible.


5. Be flexible

There may be a number of times when you don’t get to do everything you wanted to do, because you’re compromising with your friends. This is something to expect even before you set off. When you travel with friends, you can’t have it all and you need to enter into the experience with a flexible mindset.¬†Relax and just enjoy the journey no matter what comes your way.


What tips do you have for travel with friends?