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5 Top Winter Travel Tips

winter travel tipsThere’s a certain charm to traveling in winter. Cosy nights spent by a warn fire, fewer crowds and cheaper rates in some places, and dustings of snow making scenery look beautiful. Make the most of your winter journeys with these winter travel tips, from what to pack to avoiding dreaded airport delays.


1. Layers, layers, layers!

Packing the appropriate clothing is one of the essential winter travel tips. The last thing you want to do is to be abroad without the right clothing and feel too cold all the time! Make sure you have plenty of sweaters and a good coat to take with you, preferably one with a warm, fleecy lining and a hood. Also consider thermal layers to wear under your clothes if you’re visiting somewhere particularly chilly. These items will keep you nice and toasty during your winter exploration.


2. Waterproof shoes or boots

Footwear is one of the most important things to consider when travelling in winter, especially if you’re going to a particularly damp place. You want to keep your feet dry and warm at all times, so a pair of waterproof shoes or boots is necessary. If you’re visiting somewhere that’s snowy or icy, make sure your footwear also has appropriate grip so that you don’t find yourself slipping around on the pavements.


winter travel tips


3. Choose your flights wisely

Winter weather can be a huge disruption to air travel, so picking a flight with the least risk of getting delayed or cancelled will help your winter trip run more smoothly. Try your best to find a flight without a connection, so that any delays don’t make you miss your layover. Pick a flight that heads out in the morning so that you have as few knock-on delays from other flights affecting yours, and other options if your flight does run into trouble.

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4. Wear chunky layers on the plane

Packing all those thick sweaters can take up a lot of room in your baggage. Get around this problem by choosing your biggest items to wear on the plane – take your big coat on the flight with you, as well as those heavy boots and that thick fleece. You might feel like a bit of an idiot wearing all these layers for a flight, but trust us, most other passengers will be doing the same thing so there’s be no judgements passed!


5. Get insured

Traveling in winter comes with its own set of rules and risks, so insurance is more important than ever. Buying travel insurance to cover you for delayed or cancelled flights, problems with baggage, and injury will put your mind at ease if anything does happen to go wrong.

Note that winter activities, such as skiing and snowboarding, require their own coverage. Many travel insurance companies offer winter sports as an add-on to usual packages, so do your research and cover yourself for any necessary extras.


What are your best winter travel tips?