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6 Best Countries for Street Food

best countries for street food

Travelers are busy people, which is what makes street food perfect for the backpacker on the road. These six best countries for street food have mastered the art of on-the-go eating, ideal for picking up bites while you’re soaking up your surroundings.


1. Italy

Although Italy doesn’t cook much food directly in the street, as you might imagine from a street food vendor, the country is a pro at two delicious dishes in particular: pizza and gelato. Fly to Italy and amble around beautiful cities like Rome or Florence with a slice of pizza in-hand or licking layer off creamy, rich gelato.


2. Turkey

When you think of street food in Turkey you no doubt thing of simit, a bagel-like circle of dough cooked to perfection, sold from little stalls in the street. These are a must-try, but also look out for balık-ekmek, which is a fish sandwich, and lahmacun, a dish not unlike a pizza, made of a flat of dough spread with minced meat, onions, and peppers.


3. Vietnam

The food alone is reason enough to fly to Vietnam. Exotic, heady smells waft through most of the streets of Vietnam’s main cities, making it paradise for anyone who loves street food. Go in search of a market to find treats to bite on – bowls of pho, banh mi sandwiches, mounds of rice noodles, and more can be found across the country.

Aside from being lip-smackingly good, street food offers one of the cheapest ways to eat in Vietnam. Pick out a stand with crowds around it and a good flow of traffic – a sure sign of quality.

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4. USA

There isn’t one street food dish that the USA prides itself on – there are hundreds. As one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, you can find top-notch dishes from across the globe being served up on the streets in any major US city.

The recent trend of food trucks has helped fuel this style of food. Pick up Vietnamese or Cuban sandwiches, big bowls of hearty chilli, or one of the nation’s favourites: hot dogs. Served any which way and always tasty.


5. Peru

Peruvian food has been the rising star for the last few years, and its street food is no exception. Markets in Peru are an explosion of colour, especially when it comes to the fruit stalls which have all sorts of exotic things to try, as well as old favourites. Grab some juice from these at every available moment.

In Peru you’ll find lots of tender meat street dishes to try, such as pork belly or beef heart skewers (it might not sounds appetising, but trust us on that one…). Plus, the country’s much-loved ceviche can be found in street food form too.


6. Germany

One word: currywurst. We think this delicious dish of sausage with curry ketchup warrants Germany’s inclusion on this list alone. Nothing beats strolling through the hip streets of Berlin with a plate of currywurst in-hand.

What’s more, the Germans are also pros are baking, which means there are dozens of to-go delights you can pick up while walking around a city. Pretzels are among the most popular – twisted knots of dough that match with a good local beer.

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