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6 Essential Travel Health Tips

essential travel health tips, travel health

Looking after yourself while traveling is really important, more important than anything else. While we’re all for the spontaneity of adventure, being prepared for travel is imperative when it comes to your health. These essential travel health tips will show you how.


1. Check necessary vaccinations

Travel around the world often requires you to get certain immunisations for diseases that might not be prevalent in your own country. This includes travel to parts of Asia, South America or Africa, and there are even some vaccinations that are part of the entry requirements, such as Yellow Fever.

Do a quick search online to figure out what you need for a certain destination, or consult your doctor – they will be able to tell you everything you need to know.


2. Pack everyday medication

Stock up on everyday essentials like aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen just so you’re prepared for those little niggles or headaches while you’re on the road. That said, many of these kinds of medicines are available to world over so don’t panic if you don’t have them handy.

Pro trip: Take the pill packages out of their boxes and pack them into a sealable bag – a great way to save on space in your luggage.

essential travel health tips


3. Consult your doctor for special requirements

Schedule a doctor’s appointment before you leave to chat to them about traveling with any existing medical conditions or prescriptions. Ask them about any advice they might be able to offer for treatment of these conditions while you’re traveling around the world. Also, request extended prescriptions to make sure you have all the meds you need while you’re away.


4. Check malaria risk

Malaria is one of the biggest things to be concerned about when it comes to essentials travel health tips. Being prepared and well aware of the malaria risk in the countries you’re visiting is what makes a savvy traveller, and once again your doctor is the best person to go to if you’re not sure what that risk is. A medical professional will also be able to recommend the best preventative medication to take.

essential travel health tips


5. Pack a first aid kit

We don’t mean an entire first aid box that takes up your own suitcase, but packing a few first aid essentials – band aids, antibacterial cream, those aforementioned aspirins – will save you the trouble of picking these items up while abroad. If you’re out and about, chances are you’ll need these things at least once or twice, so there’s no harm in taking them as they’re light and compact.


6. Get insurance

We know there are some people out there who think travel insurance is a total scam, but the very last thing you want to do is find yourself in a position abroad where you need travel insurance and don’t have it. That especially applies to medical cover, because looking after yourself is top priority (no matter how much you love your expensive travel gadgets).

Prepare yourself by buying travel insurance before you leave – even the basic levels of cover offer comprehensive medical compensation and are relatively affordable.


What would you add to this list of essential travel health tips?