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6 Money-Saving City Break Tips

city break tips, city breaksWe all love a good city break, but sometimes they can cost a fortune. Flights, accommodation, transport, and food and drink can in total make you spend a lot of money, even if you’re only going away for the weekend. Follow these budget city break tips to save on expenses (but not on fun!)


1. Budget accommodation

There are lots of ways to save money on accommodation nowadays. Start by looking up the best cheap hotel deals, which are usually best found if you’re flexible. Travelling during week days or in low season can usually save you a lot of money on accommodation, or look for specific hotels that have their own unique offers running. Hostels and homestays are also a great way to save during a city break – as long as you don’t mind sharing your space with other people!


2. Find cheap flights

You can start by saving money right off the bat by searching for cheap flights. Jetradar have consistently cheap deals to cities across the world, which will save you money before you even leave home. The features on our site allow you to tweak factors such as flight times or season in order for you to find the best deal – plus, we have an app available on iPhone and Android too!


3. Buy food from markets or eat out at lunch

We know that one of the best things about going on a city break is sampling the local cuisine, but eating out can be very expensive in certain places. Have the best of both worlds by seeking out local markets that sell produce from the region. At these markets you can buy all sorts of meats, cheeses, fruits, and more to have either as a picnic or a feast back in your hotel. Street food is also one of the cheapest (and delicious) ways to eat cheaply in a city.

Alternatively, opt to eat out at lunch. There are often better deals as restaurants around town at lunch time, as they get less customers during these hours. When exploring the city, keep your eyes peeled for signs offering these promotions.


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4. Pick attractions wisely

Many of the big attractions in cities can be quite expensive to visit, but there are ways around these whopping entry fees. Go on the attraction’s website and look up opening hours and ticket prices – usually in these sections there will be information about concessions or days when entry is free. Most run afternoons or free days to visit, so if you time your plans right you can go for nothing at all.


5. Walk!

Transport can be a big expense, but there’s one simple solution to this: walk! Using your own two feet to get around a place has many advantages – you get to know the lay of the land, you’ll stumble on things you may never have found, you get plenty of exercise, and it’s free. In some cities it’s not always possible to walk everywhere as they’re so big (London, for example!), but if you walk whenever you can it will still save you money.


6. Search local publications for events

Nearly all cities around the world have their own magazines or newspapers, and lots of these list events and things going on around town. This includes listings for free evenings out or the like, leading you straight to unusual things to do that you might not find in a guidebook. If in doubt for any of these city break tips, always go for local information as they’re the best source for advice.


What are your best city break tips?