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8 Handy Gadgets for Travel

gadgets for travel

Thanks to all sorts of gadgets for travel, getting around the world is easier than ever. These eight accessories will help you make the most of all your travel experiences!


1. Power adapter

One of the most important things to take when you go travelling is a plug adapter so that all your device can run off local electricity. This should definitely go on your must-pack list, but if it doesn’t you’ll be able to find all kinds of adapters sold all over the world – you’d be surprised how many little markets in odd places sell these.


2. iPad or Tablet

As they’re so light and versatile a tablet is the perfect gadget to take travelling instead of a laptop. Send messages home and surf the web from (almost) anywhere, and download some movies onto your device so that you can keep yourself entertained on rainy days or when you need some down-time.


3. Solar charger

Charging your gadgets can be a bit of a nightmare when you’re abroad and moving around all the time. Numerous solar chargers on the market today are affordable and compact, giving you the ability to charge everything you need from wherever you are. Many come with a range of adapters so that you can switch your solar charger between different devices.


4. Fitness watch

For those of you who like to stay active when you travel, a fitness watch is the best thing to take with you to keep track of what you’re up to. From counting your burned calories on a big hike to making sure you get your 30-minute run in every day, a fitness watch can do it all. Plus, it takes up no extra weight or space in your luggage.

gadgets for travel


5. Water sterilizing kit

If you’re worried about drinking water in different countries (and in many you should be!), taking a little gadget that’s filled with water sterilizing solution will make it simple to find clean drinking water. On today’s market, these come is little pens or straws, which make them easy to carry in your day pack and relatively cheap to buy.


6. Mini-speaker

Great for socialising or for lazy days on the beach, a mini speaker that you can plug into your phone or MP3 player is easy to carry around with you as you travel and inexpensive too. This travel gadget is especially useful if you’re a solo traveler – music is just one of those things that strikes up conversation!



You’ll want to make sure you’re taking high quality photos of your adventures abroad, so that you can look back on those fond memories in years to come. Investing in a decent DSLR camera will transform your once dodgy holidays snaps into professional-style photos – and learning how to use all the camera’s functions is so much fun. Just don’t forget to insure it fully!

gadgets for travel


8. Wide-angle lens clip for your phone

If you don’t want to take a big camera away with you, buy a little wide-angle lens clip for your phone. This will give you a much wider perspective than your phone is usually capable off – great for taking pictures of those sweeping landscapes and endless beaches.


What’s your favourite of these gadgets for travel?