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Travel Guide: Best of Cuba

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With the alterations to the US embargo made in the last couple of years, travel to Cuba has never been more popular. This colorful, vibrant country has its own distinct and fascinating way of life – something that all avid travelers should experience at least once. This best of Cuba guide shows you the top sghts this little gem has to offer.



There’s no better place to start a trip to Cuba than Havana. The capital’s crumbling yet charming Old Town is a hotbed of activity and the best place to stay when you’re in the city. The area is actually a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its pioneering architecture.

Take a walk around the city’s streets and soak up the atmosphere. Don’t forget to swing by El Floridita, a bar and restaurant where Ernest Hemingway would drink during his days here. They whip up a spectacular strawberry daiquiri!



Stretched across a long, slim peninsula to the east of Havana, Varadero is where you want to go in Cuba if you fancy some beach time. The crystal white sands here have won countless awards for being some of the most unspoilt and beautiful beaches in the world.

There’s not too much more to Varadero than beach life, but when you first catch sight of how blue the ocean is here you won’t really want for much more. Sit back with a drink at one of Varadero’s many quality resorts, and let the sunshine pour down on you.


best of cuba, trinidad cuba, cuba travel guideTrinidad, Cuba


Another of Cuba’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Trinidad was founded in the 16th century and shows outstanding examples of colonial architecture from the last few hundred years. This city will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, connecting you with traditional Cuban ways of life that have remained unchanged for centuries.

When exploring Trinidad, make sure to step out into the surrounding area too. Take the train out to the Valley of the Sugar Mills (funnily enough, another UNESCO protected site) and walk among the beautiful green rolling hills.



For another bout of stunning landscape, make your way to Viñales Valley. The incredible karst scenery here is sure to impress, and the slow-paced way of life offers yet another glimpse into Cuba as it has been for generations. This is the perfect place to take a break if you’ve been in hectic Havana for a while – the rustic and rural traditions here provide an ideal respite from Cuba’s chaotic side.

Go walking over the hills here, or down into the cave systems that lie under the town and surrounding area. If you’re around on a Saturday night, head to a bar to go salsa dancing and enjoy a few cocktails!

best of cuba, things to do in cuba, vinales cuba


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