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Travel Tips: What’s the Best Luggage for You?

best luggageWith so many modern styles on the market, it’s hard to know what the best luggage is for you. The nature of your trip – length, level of adventure, and how far away it is from home – will largely dictate the kind of bag you take with you, but it also comes down to personal style. And how good you are at packing! Check out these best luggage tips to figure out what will be more suitable for your adventures.


Last chance to book Thai Lion Air flights from just 425 THB

Did you hear that Lion Air are about to add 150 baht to the price of all Thailand domestic flights? This is because the government have enforced new fuel taxes. These new charges come into place on February 6th 2017, so if you were thinking of booking a flight soon now is the time to do it. Save money by booking a Thai domestic flight from just 425 baht with Lion Air today, before it’s too late!


Travel Guide: Best of Cuba

best of cuba, things to do in cuba, cuba guide

With the alterations to the US embargo made in the last couple of years, travel to Cuba has never been more popular. This colorful, vibrant country has its own distinct and fascinating way of life – something that all avid travelers should experience at least once. This best of Cuba guide shows you the top sghts this little gem has to offer.