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4 Essential Tips if You’re Thinking of Living Abroad

living abroad, living abroad tipsOne of the greatest travel adventures you can have in life is living abroad. This could just be for one summer or maybe even a couple of years, but experiencing life in another country on a long-term basis is a special experience. These tips for living abroad will give you some sage advice on how to make the most of it and make living abroad a success.


1. Take time to pick your location

Living abroad is not a decision you should rush into quickly. This especially applies if you’re selling everything back home and moving your entire life elsewhere. If you end up not enjoying the new city or place you’re living in, it can become very disheartening. We don’t recommend that you just book flights to New York City then just hope for the best!

Take some time to choose where you want your new home to be, researching and paying a short visit to that new place if possible. Look into how much living costs are, what job opportunities are in the area, and which neighbourhoods you might like to fine an apartment in. Try to look at that place from every angle so you can make an informed decision before you jump in with both feet.


2. Join Facebook groups to connect with other people

Once you know where you’re living, have a look around on Facebook for any local groups to join. This will help you to connect with people before you’ve moved there, and if you have any questions there might be some good samaritans in the group who will be kind enough to answer them.

Search for groups that are centred around your interests so you can meet people who share your passions. That could be anything from a fitness group or reading club. Having people to chat to before you’ve moved there will help you out greatly when you’re settling in, and give you a few contacts before you’ve even arrived.


3. Arrive in summer

The warmer, summer months anywhere tend to make a place more lively and full of energy. If you arrive in your new home in deepest, darkest winter, you might find it very quiet and there perhaps might not be as many people around.

In summer, you’ll find that people want to be out and about, and there will more likely be lots of festivals and events on too. If you arrive right in the middle of this, you’ll be swept away with the excitement of it all and that will help you to meet new people and feel happier in your new home.


4. Push yourself

Living abroad isn’t always easy. As a foreigner in an unfamiliar place, it can become lonely and there will be moments where you second guess your decision. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by these feelings, make sure you’re always pushing yourself out there to meet new people and try new things.

You have to make the effort to carve a place for yourself in this new location, and sometimes you have to go way out of your comfort zone to do so. However, always stand safe in the knowledge that this will pay off, and no matter what happens when you push yourself you can always say you gave it your best shot. Live in the moment and go for it!


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