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Europe on a Budget: 6 Places That Won’t Break the Bank

europe on a budgetBulgaria

Some cities in Europe are among the most expensive destinations in the world for travelers – but only some. These six places are ideal if you’re looking to visit Europe on a budget, with affordable accommodation, food and drink, and activities.


1. Bulgaria

It’s easy to overlook Bulgaria, seeing as it sits right in the bottom right-hand corner of Europe. However, this little gem has been backpacker’s paradise for a good few years. Here you’ll find anything from rough-around-the-edges cities, to rugged landscapes and beautiful beaches along the Black Sea. The diversity of this country is nothing to scoff at, and you can enjoy Bulgaria in all its beauty for very little money. Win win!


2. Poland

We’ve got a lot of love for Poland. We put Warsaw in our list for best offbeat cities to visit in Europe and it’s on this list for a few of the same reasons. Not only is Poland a great place for travelling Europe on a budget, it’s got bags of charm, so many beautiful, untouched pockets, and the locals are as friendly as you like.

Try to stay off the tourist trail (sorry, Krakow) in Poland to find the cheapest places to eat, drink, and stay. The cities are undeniably charming, but if you fly into Warsaw then head out to the more unusual towns and villages from there, your money will go a long way.

europe on a budgetWarsaw, Poland


3. Portugal

Despite being in western Europe and thus typically thought to be more expensive, Portugal is actually one of the cheapest destinations this side of the continent, due to yet another financial crisis. Okay, you might not find rock bottom prices in Lisbon, but venture around the country – to cities like Porto or inland into the wilderness – and you’ll be able to afford much more than you’d expect.

Getting around is exceptionally cheap here. Trains and buses and a budget traveler’s dream, with long journeys costing just a handful of dosh. Beers also cost a euro or two a pop, which as we all know is a fair indication of a country’s affordability.


4. Greece

Seeing as pictures of Santorini are littered across the internet, you’d presume that as it’s so popular Greece is one of Europe’s more expensive destinations. However, if you pick the right places in this gorgeous country – the smaller islands or paradise landscapes on the mainland – you’ll find it’s easy to make your money stretch far here.

The financial crises has made prices plummet in Greece over the last few years, so accommodation that was once out of reach has become easily attainable for the thrifty. Just do your research and you’ll see affordable Greece is easily found – fly into Athens and enjoy!

europe on budget


5. Hungary

Budapest is increasingly becoming one of the most treasured cities for backpackers in Europe, but thankfully it’s as cheap as ever. This vibrant, lively town steals the hearts of many because of its ruin bar scene, thermal spas, and fascinating history. It’s also worth getting out of the capital and venturing to other places around Hungary, to the plains and lakes of the gorgeous open countryside, and all the little villages you’ll find in between – these are also very affordable.


6. Romania

King of kings when it comes to Europe on a budget, Romania is one of the cheapest countries on the continent and has been for quite some times. It’s easy to save money here because everything is so naturally cheap, from eating out to accommodation options. Fly into Bucharest and make your way around the country from there, to all the fairytale castles and dreamy mountain landscapes. It sounds too good to be true, but all of this can be done perfectly easily on a very low budget in Romania.


What country would you add to the Europe on a budget list?