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Where to Find Local Travel Tips Online

local travel tips, travel adviceThe internet is a wonderful thing, and for travel it’s opened up a whole world of information. When it comes to local travel tips, there have never been more resources out there to help you find something special while on the road. Use one (or all!) of these handy hints for local travel tips.


Travel Blogs

First-hand advice has become more valuable than ever, and it’s a travel blogger’s job to find out new and exciting things to do in a destination. Search for the name of a place followed by ‘travel blog’ (i.e. “Barcelona travel blog”) and look through the results to find one that’s written by a local. These are often full to the brim with tips from a local who is used to seeing places through the eyes of a visitor.

If you can’t find one written by a local, there are usually a few out there from visiting travel bloggers that still offer good advice. It’s worth looking through a couple of travel blogs as there are so many out there covering thousands of places around the world.



One of the best things about using Twitter for finding local travel tips is that it’s one of the most constantly updated resources on the planet. Plus, it’s used so often by regular people – not travel bloggers or tourism officials – that, if you’re lucky, you can stumble on tips you can’t find anywhere else.

Sometimes it can be a bit of a pain trawling through Twitter as there are so many people on there it creates quite a lot of noise. However, with a bit of patience and following of the right accounts you can find excellent recommendations.



For those of you who’d prefer to stay visual, Instagram is one of the best resources available to you for local travel tips. With millions of photos being uploaded per day, this is one of the fastest growing apps too – although not many people know that it’s great for finding recommendations.

local travel tips, local advice for travel

It takes a bit of digging, but if you find the right hashtags for the destination you’re visiting, you can find plenty of people Instagramming their favorite street food spot or some unusual public art. Locals use Instagram all the time to show off their own cities or homes, so be sure to tap into that resource!



TripAdvisor is one of the world’s most thorough and popular websites for accommodation, attractions, food and drink, and more while you travel. We live in a review-based world, and this is the one place that holds the most above all.

One word of caution: use your judgement when on TripAdvisor. There will be lots of reviews on there from passing tourists who may well not have the same opinion than you. It That said, you can often find locals leaving reviews for businesses here too, so sit your way through the comments to find appropriate advice.


Where do you find your favorite local travel tips?