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Money Travel Tips: How to Save While On the Road

money travel tipsTravel can be expensive, there’s no denying that. However, there are more ways than ever to save money while on the road. These money travel tips will help keep your costs down without having to sacrifice all the amazing benefits and joys of travel.



When searching for accommodation to stay in, take a look at hostels or homestays to keep your costs as low as possible. While the word ‘hostel’ might conjure up dingy, dirty holes, there are so many affordable hostels across the world nowadays that it’s quite easy to find on that’s perfectly clean and fun to be in, as well as cheap.

Check hotel booking websites to compare hostel deals. Look out for any that are offering deals for a specific number of nights, or other things that will save you money such as free breakfast and wifi. Alternatively, take a look at homestay websites such as AirBnB for a slightly different experience. Although these aren’t usually as cheap as hostels, if you want a private room and to meet locals, homestays can be the most affordable option.


Food and drink

It’s common sense that buying food and drink from a supermarket is often the cheapest way to eat while traveling. When booking your accommodation, check to see if there are kitchen facilities that you can use – this will save you a lot of money. If not, you might have to get used to lots of bread, sliced meat, cheese, and salad! If you’re on a very strict budget but don’t have a kitchen to use, it’s still worth buying from a supermarket for most of your meals.

When eating out, search for restaurants that are offering deals, such as early specials or 2-for-1 offers. Also, lunch specials are very popular in many cities across the globe, and these will fill you up for the rest of the day so you only need a light snack in the evening.



When on a very tight budget, walk whenever possible. This isn’t always practical, but it’s the cheapest form of transport out there, and it’s a fun way to discover a new place. Your next option is to take public transport, which is often affordable – especially if you know your way around the ticket system.

Do some research on special offer cards, such as city passes that last for a few days. Typically, these involve paying a flat rate upon purchasing, and it gives you access to all forms of public transport for free from then on. Failing that, ask at the reception at your hotel or the local you’re staying with to help out with cheap ways of getting around – if they live in that place they’ll know exactly how to save money.

money saving tips



Attractions and landmarks, especially the more famous ones, can sometimes charge extortionate amounts for entry fees. This is, of course, disappointing as a budget traveler, but there are money travel tips that will help you around this situation. If you’re a young traveler or a student, always check to see if you get a discount on entry fees – most major sights will either be free or give you a large portion of money off.

Many big museums of galleries around the world have free entry on certain evenings (usually in the week), so it’s worth taking a look through their website to see if a place near you runs these offers. Work out your timing right, and you could see some of the world’s greatest attractions for free!


What would you add to these money travel tips?