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Travel Guide: Best of Nepal

best of nepalOne of the most visually stunning countries on earth, Nepal has been a traveller’s mecca for decades. From the world’s highest mountain to the chaotic cities, Nepal has everything for the curious explorer. Although the country suffered through a devastating earthquake in 2015, Nepal is back on its feet again and there’s never been a better time to go. This best of Nepal guide shows you the essential stop-offs.


5 Top Tips for Successful Travel with Friends

travel with friendsTravelling with other people can be difficult. Sometimes travel puts strains on friendships that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter in normal life, and unexpected things can come out the woodwork. That said, travelling with your best bud or someone you love and sharing travel with them is a truly special experience. Here’s how to successfully travel with friends and leave any drama at home.


Travel Guide: Top 5 Things to do in Singapore

things to do in SingaporeAs one of Asia’s most chaotic cities, there’s never a dull moment in Singapore. This sprawling metropolis is packed full of sights, sounds, and smells, enough to keep you entertained for days on end. What’s more, flights to Singapore are frequent and cheap, making it one of the most accessible cities on the continent. These things to do in Singapore will help you to get to know the city better.


5 Top Winter Travel Tips

winter travel tipsThere’s a certain charm to traveling in winter. Cosy nights spent by a warn fire, fewer crowds and cheaper rates in some places, and dustings of snow making scenery look beautiful. Make the most of your winter journeys with these winter travel tips, from what to pack to avoiding dreaded airport delays.