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Travel Guide: Best of Cuba

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With the alterations to the US embargo made in the last couple of years, travel to Cuba has never been more popular. This colorful, vibrant country has its own distinct and fascinating way of life – something that all avid travelers should experience at least once. This best of Cuba guide shows you the top sghts this little gem has to offer.


Travel Guide: Best of Bolivia


Although the first places you think of when you picture South America may be mighty Peru, fiery Argentina, or wild Brazil, Bolivia is not a country that should be overlooked. Tucked away in the center of the continent, it’s easy to skim over this land-locked country, but in reality Bolivia has got everything going for it: incredible landscapes, fascinating culture, and the highest city on earth, to name a few. This best of Bolivia guide will give you a sound intro to this little gem.


Travel Guide: 5 Best Things to do in Berlin

things to do in Berlin

Frequently praised as one of the coolest cities in Europe, Berlin is a must-do for any itinerary through the continent. As well as being effortlessly stylish, this fascinating city has been home to some turbulent moments in history, giving it a truly unique dynamic. These things to do in Berlin are the perfect starting points for your trip.