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Travel Guide: Best of Bali

best of baliOne of the most beautiful parts of Indonesia, Bali is one of those places that doesn’t disappoint. With beautiful beaches, fascinating spiritual culture, and lush, tropical inland, anyone travelling to Bali has a wide range of things to do. This best of Bali guide shows you some of the highlights. 


Visit the temples

There are beautiful temples scattered all over Bali, giving it that spiritual vibe that so many people come here to experience. They’re not all the same either, so making the effort to visit a variety of different temple is worthwhile during your stay in Bali.

The Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is among the most breathtaking as it’s perched out on Bratan Lake. When the light is just right here, the reflection of the temple onto the still waters below makes a simply stunning scene. Also don’t miss Besakih Temple, often called Bali’s ‘mother temple’ on the side of Mount Agung and one of the largest complexes of holy sites in Bali, and Goa Gajah, a temple and cave known as ‘Elephant Cave’ dating back to the 9th century.


best of bali


Hit the beach

Most people when visiting Bali come here to relax on pristine sands – and we don’t blame them. Bali’s coastline is undeniably beautiful, with an endless number of beaches for you to explore. Highlights include Crystal Beach, which has beautiful white sands and very clear waters great for snorkelling, Padang Padang, surrounded by dramatic cliff scenery and the setting for the popular film Eat, Pray, Love, and Balian Beach, where surfers come to ride the incredible waves.


Stop by the museums in Denpasar

A trip to Bali doesn’t have to all be about the beach. Learn more about Balinese culture and history at the collection of museums in Denpasar, the region’s largest city. Start at the Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali, a museum of art and history with over 1,000 items to peruse through to learn more about Bali.

Also swing by the Museum Le Meyeur in Sanur to look through a collection of more than 80 paintings from this famous artist. This gives you an insight into Balinese art, all in the setting of a beautiful building also showcasing the region’s unique architecture.


best of bali


Head to the hills

Bali’s central highlands are a sweeping mass of hills, prime for exploring and getting to know a special part of Balinese life. Hire a driver to take you up into the mountains for the day, stopping off at the rural villages and being led up to where you’ll find the most beautiful views.

If you’re into hiking, there’s no better place to do it in Bali than in these mountains. Summit Gunung Batukaru, which will take you most of the day but lead you through gorgeous tree-lined trails, past Pura Lahur Temple, and up to mind-blowing panoramas on a clear day at the top.


What do you think is the best of Bali?