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Travel Guide: Best of Australia

best of australia

Millions of people every year visit the land Down Under, one of the most beautiful, diverse, and colossal countries in the world. This best of Australia guide takes you through some of the country’s main highlight, from sweeping coastal views to the red hot desert.



Instantly recognizable as one of Australia’s most famous and ancient landmarks, Uluru – also referred to as Ayers Rock – is high up the list on the best of Australia. The sandstone monolith is located in the country’s Northern Territory, and is best seen at sunrise or sunset when the deep, bright colours light up the sky.

It’s possible to climb Uluru, but there has been a lot of controversy about the subject. As the rock is so significant to the indigenous people here, it’s recommended that you respect this sacred site by simply enjoying it from a distance.


best of australia

Sydney and Melbourne

Two of Australia’s greatest cities, Sydney and Melbourne are unmissable here. Flights to Sydney are among the most affordable and frequent when accessing the country, so it makes a great place to kick off your Australia adventure. Spend a day or two looking around the city’s unique and diverse neighborhoods, then head onwards to Melbourne, where you’ll find more cool coffee shops, beautiful beaches, and a quirky, laid-back vibe.


Great Ocean Road

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is made up of over 240km of highways along the coast of Victoria. The route offers some of the most spectacular views you can find in the entire country, making it reason enough to head Down Under.

One of the road’s most popular highlights is the Twelve Apostles, a series of sea stacks that tower off the coast near Port Campbell. If you don’t get to complete the entire length of the Great Ocean Road, at least make a stop here to witness some of the best of its beauty.


Wines of South Australia

South Australia is one of the country’s wine capital, and among the best wine destinations in the world. There are hundreds of vineyards around this state, creating all kinds of wines that can be found sold in shops all over the world.

Hop on a flight to Adelaide, the region’s main hub from which you can explore plenty of wine hotspots. You can reach vineyards over day trips here, or head further afield and spend a few days following the many food and wine trails across the state.


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