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Travel Guide: Best of Spain

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A country built on passion, filled with great food, vibrant culture, and larger-than-life characters, Spain is one of Europe’s shining stars. This best of Spain guide leads you through some of its hotspots.



This sweltering city in Spain’s south is known for its lively nature. This is one of the best places to visit in Spain if you’re looking to get to grips with flamenco culture – there are shows held across the city at all times of year, and you’re sure to fall in love with this passionate dance while watching one.

If you’re flying to Seville, also don’t forget to discover its roots; the city is said to have been founded thousands of years ago, and is one of Spain’s oldest settlements. There are Roman ruins and examples or Moorish architecture littered throughout the city, as well as modern masterpieces that make Seville a master of old-meets-new Spain.



Spain’s mighty capital is without doubt one of the most vibrant cities in the country. The energy that buzzes through Madrid’s streets is almost incomparable, and many travelers have fallen under its spell. Tapas alone is reason to visit, and there are many bars all over the city serving quality plates to eat at rock bottom prices.

If you’re an art lover, while visiting Madrid the Museo del Prado is a must-visit. This is one of the most respected art galleries in the world, with around 1,500 paintings on display and 7,000 in the institute’s collection as a whole. Here you can connect with the heart and soul of Spain through some of its most famous artists.



One of the more alternative places to visit in Spain, Granada is a region in the south that has its own unique way of life. Situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, time slows down here and connects you with Spain’s more rural traditions.

Visit Granada to learn more about Spain’s Moorish traditions, in particular its architecture. Many people come to Granada to visit Alhambra, a place where a fortress made up of royal palaces that look unlike anything else you’ll find in Spain.

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San Sebastián

Often cited as being Spain’s foodie mecca, San Sebastián is one of the best places to visit in the country’s north – although not many people manage to make it here. Despite undeniable charm, delicious bites to eat, and a coastline to die for, San Sebastián and surprisingly under-the-radar. By our standards, that’s all the more reason to go.

When you visit, make sure to hike the St James Way, a coastal walking route that leads you to jaw-dropping views of the ocean and back to the city. When completing this day trip, you’re sure to be convinced of this little gem’s stunning beauty.



No Spain guide would be complete without mentioning beautiful Barcelona. The Catalan capital draws in millions of visitors each year, and for good reason – the city is brimming with top sights, a great nightlife and dining scene, and miles of beaches.

When traveling to Barcelona, a visit to the infamous Sagrada Familia is a must-do. This cathedral, which is yet to be finished, was started by Antoni Gaudí back in 1882 and has since become an emblem for Barcelona. You’ll find remnants of Gaudí’s other work across the city too, giving it a truly unique style.

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