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Travel Inspiration: Where to go for a Digital Detox

digital detoxDigital detoxes are all the rage at the minute. More and more people are looking to cut off from their inboxes as they travel and disappear for a while. There are lots of destinations around the world that are ideal for this, but these five are among the best.


1. Cuba

Despite the lifting of the US embargo in recent years, Cuba still remains relatively untouched. A solid internet connection is hard to come by here, making it an ideal place to forget about your work ties for a while and just immerse yourself in this fascinating country.

With world-class beaches, lots of protected natural scenery, and passionate, fiery locals, there’s something beautiful around every corner and Cuba. Trust us, you won’t even want to turn on your cell phone while travelling here.


2. Antarctica

The giant continent at the bottom of the world was for many years unreachable, but in the last decade travel to Antarctica has opened up hugely. As nature rules above all here, technology is something you leave way behind you when you step off South America and venture into the abyss. Surrounded by colossal glaciers and millions of penguins, who’s want their phone buzzing in their pocket anyway?


3. Botswana

The plains and deltas of Africa offer a great opportunity for witnessing the natural world at its most raw and an endless array of wildlife. Here in Botswana, safaris will take you across spectacular landscapes, such as the Okavango Delta, where you can glide through the shallows in a canoe and spot lions, elephants and buffalo, plus hundreds of bird species soaring above your head. Travelling to Botswana is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that will make you put down your gadgets and tune in to the jaw-dropping world around you.


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4. Mongolia

The nomadic people of Mongolia are inspiration to us all for what it is to live using the world around you as opposed to what we can find scrolling through the web. This fascinating country is another place that’s been off-the-radar for many years, but more and more people are finding Mongolia to be a place destined for adventure.

Settle yourself into a traditional Mongolian yurt during your time here to experience this unique way of life. Dive into the museums of Ulaanbaatar, the nation’s capital, to learn more about Mongolia’s fascinating past, including the days of Genghis Khan. Head to the Ölgii Eagle Festival, one of Mongolia’s top cultural events, where there are eagle-hunting competition plus horse and camel races.


5. Patagonia

The vast expanse of land across the southern tips of Chile and Argentina, known as Patagonia, has for several decades been the number one stop for keen explorers. There are outdoor adventure opportunities abound here – hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, and more – which will allow you to disconnect and get lost for a while.

Fly to Santiago or travel to Buenos Aires and head south, to the land of snow-capped peaks and shimmering lakes, some of the most inhospitable but simply stunning scenery on the planet. Goodbye phone, hello nature.


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Where would you go for a digital detox?