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Travel Packing Tips: Essential Advice

travel packing tipsPacking is one of the lamest part of traveling, we all know that. Follow these travel packing tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Choose your bag size wisely

If you opt for a smaller bag, you’ll pack less – it’s as simple as that. By forcing yourself to only pack within the limits of a small bag, you’re thinking lightweight right from the outset. This will help to keep you in that mindset through the dreaded packing process, and encourage you to ditch the items you just don’t need.

2. Only pack for a week

Even if you’re going away for longer, only pack the amount of clothes you need for a week. Based on the assumption that you wash your clothes once a week, there’s no reason for you to have to bring any more than that traveling with you.

If you’re backpacking, take even less than that. Everyone else around you will be recycling clothes and wearing the same things day in day out, so you may as well do the same. Go hardcore and pack only what you would use over the standard three-day period.

travel packing tips

3. Leave out the ‘just in case’ items

If you find yourself going through your suitcase finding items that you’re taking ‘just in case’ you need them, they have no place in your luggage. You will find that 99% of the time you’re not going to use these things, and you can find them abroad anyway if you need them in an emergency. This especially applies to medication – unless you’re going to the back and beyond, you don’t need to pack backups of every form of medication as there are pharmacies all over the world.

If you’re going on a longer trip, these are the things you start to resent – the dead weight items in your bag that you wish you’d never brought with you. Avoid that entirely and don’t pack them in the first place.

4. Accessorize

If you do want to style things up a little bit and look a little more refined than the average grubby traveler, pack lightweight accessories. Jewellery and other such items create an easy way to make you feel more dressed up, and are the little touches that can make the difference between a day and evening outfit.

5. Roll!

When it comes to actually packing your clothes into a backpack or suitcase, master the art of rolling. Tightly roll up t-shirts and tops, and anything else that’s made of a relatively thin material. Pack them compactly in your suitcase and stuff them in any available space – tucked down the sides of other bulkier items, or in your shoes.

Once you become a rolling ninja you’ll find all this space opening up in your luggage that you never know existed!

What would you add to these travel packing tips?