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Travel Tips: The Best Airport and Flight Apps

flight appsThere’s an app for everything nowadays, especially when it comes to travel. There are apps that take you through the whole process, from booking your flights to checking in at the airport and planning your entire trip. These best airport and flight apps will help you to save money and time every step of the way.



We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our travel app is the best on the market for finding cheap flights. It’s free, available for iOS and Android, and intuitive to use. With our app, you can search through hundreds of airlines to find the best deal for you, plus filter your results to find the ideal flight times and prices. For booking cheap flights, Jetradar app is all you need.

Free, iOS and Android



GateGuru is one of the best apps for keeping an eye on your flight and making sure everything is running smoothly. Apps like these make the travel process so much easier because you can check on things before you even leave home for the airport. Not only does GateGuru give you information on your flight, it will also tell you what kind of amenities you can expect to find at the airport, the waiting time at security, and ratings from other users.

Free, iOS and Android


flight apps



If you’re one of those people that likes everything organised and all in one place, TripIt is for you. This app consolidates your flight or transfer times and reservations from your emails and creates an easy-to-follow itinerary from them all. This allows you to focus on remembering your toothbrush as opposed to getting stressed about what time you should be where. TripIt can also set up alerts for you in case of cancelled flights or changes in seat reservations. This is the app that does everything for you so you can just relax and enjoy your travel experience.

Free, iOS and Android


Airport Transit Guide

Arriving in an unfamiliar place can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes. You’re not sure where to go for taxis or buses, and it’s not always clear which is the quickest or cheapest way to get to your hotel or onward destination. The Airport Transit Guide solves all those problems. This app will tell you all the different ways you can get from the airport to your hotel, and is available for hundreds of destinations. No more stalking on the internet for (often out-dated) public transport information – this app has everything you need.

$4.99, iOS and Android



Hate jet-lag? Well, who doesn’t. When we say there’s an app for everything we really mean it – this one will do its best to help you anticipate your jet-lag and beat it for good. By inputting your current time zone and that of your destination’s, plus how much light you mind when you’re sleeping, Entrain plans out a schedule for you to get adjusted to your new time zone as quickly as possible. Pure genius, in our opinion.

Free, iOS and Android


What are your favourite airport and flight apps?