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Travel Tips: Finding Your Perfect Accommodation


As the years go by, more kinds of accommodation are becoming available – which makes it harder to choose between them! These travel tips will help you find exactly the right style of hotel, hostel, or homestay for you.


For luxury: resorts and spas

If going on vacation means fluffy white robes and infinity pools to you, then there are few better places to stay than a luxury resort and spa. They are certainly on the more pricey side of the accommodation spectrum, but with enough forward-planning (and saving) you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Asia is a particularly good place to go for luxury – prices on this continent are far lower than resorts in Europe or other Western parts of the world.


For a social scene: hostels

Particularly good if you’re traveling alone, hostels are among the best places to meet people abroad. Most people who choose to stay in a hostel have chosen them purely because they want a lively atmosphere and lots of people to talk to. Hostels are one of the few places on the planet where it’s perfectly acceptable to chat to anyone who crosses your path.



For affordability: big name hotels

If you’re not too fussed about finding a unique hotel and people to socialise with, branded hotels can often be the best form of accommodation. As these kinds of hotels have branches across countries and continents they’re able to keep their prices at rock bottom, which make them often very affordable.

One of the benefits of chain hotels is reliability: you’ll always know exactly what to expect from the room as their the same throughout.

If price is a priority for you, use our search engine Hotellook, which can sort through prices and deals for you.


For adventure: camping

To get out into the wilderness on your travels, pack up some camping gear and pitch your tent in the great outdoors. This form of accommodation is often the cheapest, and it adds a whole new adventurous dimension to travel, not to mention valuable in terms of teaching you lots of new skills.

If you’re not keen on the idea of roughing it and camping out in the middle of nowhere, there are campsites all over the world with bathroom and kitchen facilities that make the experience a whole lot easier.


For local knowledge: homestays

When finding the best things to see and do in a new place is your top priority, homestays are the way to go. Now more than ever, locals are opening up their homes all over the world for travellers, offering a unique and personal experience as well as affordable board.

Reviews are key for homestay accommodation – make sure you read these thoroughly before booking to ensure you’re going to get along with the host and house.



For something quirky: property rentals

Accommodation can make or break a vacation, so to reduce the risk of the latter, splash out on a cool place to stay and have it all to yourself. The modern world is filled with all sorted of quirky vacation rentals – anything from swish city apartments to treehouses and huts in the jungle – and if you’re travelling with a group these can be relatively cost-effective.