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Travel Planning Guide: Looking Ahead to Your 2017 Trips

travel planning guideIt’s January 2017 and we’re looking forward to the year ahead. With a whole 365 days in front of you there are endless opportunities for adventure and thrilling trips. But how do you go about planning them all? This travel planning guide will help.


Check public holidays

Public holidays are like a little free pass from the government. These extra days off are prime time for going out on an adventure, so they should be used wisely and effectively. Make a list of all the public holidays in your country for 2017 and have a think about where you could go in those three or four days. It might just be a quick trip to a city nearby, or catching a flight over to a budget destination in Europe¬†– whatever it is, remember there’s a lot you can do in this short space of time!


Plan one big trip

Every year deserves one big travel experience, where you use up most of your allocated time off work and go somewhere new and exciting. Perhaps you finally take that flight to New York, get round to booking that safari in Africa, or find a paradise escape in Southeast Asia. This is the year to do it!

Start looking at flights to see when the prices are most affordable for you, and start saving your pennies now. In the meantime, buy guidebooks, read features online, and learn everything you can about that destination. This is the big one to look forward to, and you should enjoy that unbeatable feeling of anticipation!


travel planning guide


Make the most of the weekends

Most of us have two days off per week and these shouldn’t be disregarded in terms of travel. Sure, you can’t go that far away from home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a meaningful travel experience.

Make plans for seeing more of your own country, taking advantage of the cheap internal flights most of us don’t use as often as we should. Look up interesting places to stay where you can escape to for a night, and talk to friends about it so you can gather together some travel buddies. Become a weekend warrior!


Discover more of your home town

Many of us are guilty of wishing for the faraway when we don’t even know our own home towns like the backs of our hands. Make 2017 the year you also dedicate time to understanding more of your home, using your evenings and spare time off discovering parts you’ve never set foot in before.

And don’t forget, people are what make a place exciting, so also push yourself to make new friends. Go on adventures with these new people to understand their perspective of the place you both call home. When you think of travel in this way, you realise that the sky’s the limit and you can have a travel experience almost every day!


What are your travel plans for 2017?
What might you add to this travel planning guide?