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Vacation Ideas: Summer in East and South England


Dartmoor national park, holidays in england

Many people visit England with the intention of only paying a trip to London. Even though the sprawling capital is a must-visit, there’s so much more to England, and many parts are untouched by mass tourism.

England is especially beautiful in summer, when the sun is shining and people are out in droves exploring its green and pleasant land. The country isn’t famous for its good weather (quite the opposite, in fact), but temperatures can soar in July and August.

For an even greater chance of catching the sunshine, visit east and south England, where the weather can be good from May to September. These are just a few of our favourite summer spots in these parts of England.


This county in the far southwestern corner of England is one of the most popular holiday destinations for British travellers. With stretches of coast and beaches along both the north and south borders, and two of England’s national parks – Exmoor and Dartmoor – there’s so much to explore in Devon.

The county is also famous for clotted cream and you’ll find tea rooms across Devon serving up traditional afternoon and cream teas, complete with scones and Devonshire cream and jam.

How to get there: Exeter and Bristol airports both offer reasonably good access to Devon, but as small airports they are limited to connections within Europe. If a transfer in Europe isn’t convenient, consider flying into London Gatwick or Heathrow, and catch a train or bus to Devon, which will get you there in around three hours.

exmoor national park, vacations in england


Perhaps one of the most overlooked counties in England, Wiltshire is a pocket of rolling hills and historical sites about 1.5 hours west of London. One of the most famous attractions in Wiltshire is without doubt Stonehenge, one of England’s prized sites set in undulating landscape.

Wiltshire is home to dozens of picturesque English villages, the kind you might see on a postcard – with hanging baskets of bright flowers and traditional shops and pubs. One of the best ways to explore the real Wiltshire is to rent a car and hop between these villages, staying in B&Bs and enjoy delicious English pub grub and pints of ale.

How to get there: Bristol Airport is an hour’s drive west of Wiltshire, but offers limited connections outside of Europe. London Heathrow is around 1.5 hours east of Wiltshire, and is one of the most well-connected airports in the world.

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The Norfolk Coast

Tucked up in far eastern England, the Norfolk coast is a stretch of beautiful beaches and marshes, filled with charm and a lot of wildlife. Only a fraction of British people who travel around their own country for their summer breaks will visit Norfolk, so it’s a great place for those looking for a quiet, undisturbed break. Bird watchers will be especially along the Norfolk coast because the environment is perfect for spotting rare species in their natural environment.

How to get there: Even though there is an airport in Norwich – Norfolk’s largest city – you may find it difficult to catch convenient flights from it, as it’s very small. Take a look at connections to and from London Stanstead, which is northeast of the capital.
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