Have you ever been interested to know how airfare search engines actually work? And how to save up to 30% on your next plane ticket? Magic Fare is here to help!

Factors that change prices on flight search engine include airline partnerships, commission discounts, and currency conversation rates. And with global distributors and airlines always competing for bigger profits, more expensive tickets are sold, even if cheaper prices are available.

Pricing differences

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Here’s an example – a return flight from Sydney to London with a change in Singapore. Different agencies sell the tickets at various prices, from $1450 to $1550. Magic Fare takes those prices, and makes them even cheaper, unlike other distributors who might charge more to get those bigger profits. In the case of this flight, Magic Fare would save you a total of $200.

Places and tariffs

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Next, let’s take a look at how different tariffs are created for an airline ticket – here are some quick facts:
  • There are more tariffs than just economy, business, and first class.
  • Some are practically the same ticket, but with slight changes that affect the cost, such as stay time.
  • Prices can even differ for exactly the same tariff on one flight, even though there is no difference in the service.

Sorcery in action

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We know that experienced flight searchers know all the tricks to finding a cheaper flight, even on multi-city trips. With Magic Fare, you can make that process even easier, using the automated service it provides.

Give Magic Fare a try today, and you could save up to 30% on your next plane ticket.

How we create the magic

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